Dan Mozell’s Alternate Tarahumara Huarache Tying Style

Tie huaraches running sandals - Dan Mozell's way

Dan Mozell came up with a good alternative to the traditional Tarahumara huarache running sandal tying style.

First, a few tying tips and notes:

Tying the Lace knot:

This is the knot we most commonly use, especially with our 100% polyester laces.

How To Make Barefoot Running Sandals - Tying the Toe Knot

The “Lace Bead”:

This is the smallest “knot” you can make for your Xero Shoes.

How to Make Tarahumara Huaraches - Lace Bead - Xero Shoes

Tying a Figure-8 knot:

If you have our original laces with the nylon core, you’ll want to use this knot.

How To Make Tarahumara Huaraches - Figure 8 Knot - Xero Shoes

Lacing tips:

Barefoot Running Sandal Lacing Tip - Huaraches Barefoot Shoes - Xero Shoes

The basic running sandal tying pattern

How to Tie the Basic Huarache Running Sandal Tying Pattern

Dan Mozell’s Alternate Toga Style Tying Method

This video references our old name, Invisible Shoes… FYI.

How to Tie - Alternate Toga Huarache Sandal Tying Method - Xero Shoes

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