Steven Sashen, Xero Shoes CEO, at his treadmill desk

Is Barefoot Standing Better For You

I gave up shoes in 2009 when I started walking, running and, well, living barefoot or in Xero Shoes. Soon after that I gave up sitting, too. Okay, not gave up… but I got so sick of being planted in a chair all day that I throw away the chair, propped up my desk, and […]

What are the benefits of barefoot walking and running?

I got a message on Facebook from Ben: I have a pair of your sandals and I really enjoy the freedom, strength and all around sensation I get running free! My only hurdle has been steeping on rocks on the ball or knuckle of my feet and bruising an irritating the nerves. I have had […]

Bare feet, strong feet

Dr. Mark Cucuzzella and the Natural Running Center have put out a great ebook about the benefits of being barefoot and natural movement. According to the NRC site, the premise: Healthy Feet = Healthy Running. I’d add healthy walking, hiking, strolling, yoga, working out… and everything else you do on your feet. The free ebook […]

Plantar Fasciitis and Walking Barefoot

Some people like to argue for their limitations. They look at Xero Shoes and proclaim, with gusto, “I can’t wear those because ____.” Then they fill in the blank with: I have plantar fasciitis I have bad knees I have flat feet I have high arches my credit score is below 700 Okay, they don’t […]

A new foot strengthening game

While we were selling Xero Shoes at the Hanuman Yoga & Music Festival in Boulder and while playing with some Earth Balls, Cindy and I came up with a great foot strengthening game. Whether you’re a barefoot runner or barefoot walker, this is a great game to play 🙂 Try it! Or come up with […]

How to walk barefoot

“I’m not a runner. How do I WALK barefoot? Should I heel-strike? Forefoot strike?” Get the answers here…

Vibrating insoles, bare feet, and balance

The Wall Street Journal online published an article describing the research of James Collins from Harvard. James wondered why people get less steady on their feet as they get older. His conclusion: They get less feedback from the ground and lose the ability to balance. So far so good. His solution: An insole that provides […]

Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro Barefoot

Congrats to Ross Tucker and his co-climbers who climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro totally barefoot! One of the things Ross discusses is how, when he told people that he wanted to make the barefoot attempt, he was met with disbelief, mocking, and all manner of non-support. Sound familiar, barefoot runners? I emailed him in advance of his […]

Barefoot hiking and walking are fun, too!

Barefoot hiking may be the next minimalist/barefoot trend. While barefoot running is the thing that became popular (thanks in large part to Christopher McDougall’s book, Born to Run), I’ve noticed in the last few months that: Many new barefoot runners haven’t read, or even heard of, Chris’s book A significant percentage of our customers are […]