Best Walking Shoes for Men from Footwear News

Best Walking Shoes for Men and Women 2021 - from Footwear News

According to Footwear News, TWO of the best shoes for walking all day come from Xero Shoes.

In the article “The 20 Best Walking Shoes for Men to Wear All Day Long” (though I’m sure it only mentions men and not women for SEO reasons), Dr. Emily Splichal recommends a more minimalist shoe so that your feet can build strength (and she then recommends Xero Shoes in particular).

Dr. Splichal prefers barefoot-style or minimal shoes for overpronation, high arches or plantar fasciitis since these types of shoes can help strengthen the foot muscles.

“Various research studies have shown a correlation between minimal shoes and strengthening of the foot muscles,” says Dr. Splichal. “Strong foot muscles can help control overpronation or a flat foot, as well as offset the stress to the plantar fascia.”

Conversely, Todd Allen recommends shoes with structure, but he then says:

When it comes to shoe fit, Allen recommends making sure your toes have enough room to move comfortably in the toe box.

Interestingly, the only 2 shoes in the FN list that have that kind of wider toe box… Xero Shoes!

Thanks to FN for including TWO Xero Shoes, the Prio and the Leather Hana

Frankly, though, ALL of our shoes and sandals, and even our boots, are great for walking all day.

Grab a pair and Live Life Feet First.

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