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Get an extra pair of laces in one of 22 colors

Xero Laces

New and improved Xero Laces. Stronger. More comfortable. Bolder colors.

Limited Quantities Available.


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Product Description

Grab an extra pair of laces in one of 23 colors:

Xero Laces in Black, Silver-Gray, White, Tan, Brown, Pink, Raspberry, Maroon, Violet, Purple, Orient Blue, Royal Blue, Sky Blue, Navy, Forest Green, Mint, Hot Lime, Hot Lemon, Gold, Tangerine, Red, Reflective Red*, and Reflective Black.*

Each set of laces comes with a pair (2 laces) of six-foot laces made of 5/32″ polyester.

(* reflective laces are $1.00 extra)

Why polyester?

Compared to leather, polyester laces offer a number of advantages:

  • Water resistant (leather stretches and contracts when it gets wet/dry)
  • No hard edges (leather’s edges can bite into the skin)
  • Color-safe (dyed leather’s color can run)
  • No breaking in period (leather starts out pretty stiff)
  • Non-stretch (if your laces stretch, your feet can shift over — and off — your sandal)
  • Long lasting
  • Inexpensive
  • Makes a small knot


Compared to our original laces, these 100% polyester laces are:

  • Extra comfortable — we removed the core for extra flexibility
  • Extra strong — a new tight weave gives them super strength and a smoother feel
  • Extra bold — 21 Colors, including 2 with “reflective tracers”. Mix and match with our FeelTrue® outsoles for the perfect look
  • Extra “invisible” — you can make a flatter toe knot, or even create an almost invisible “lace bead”
New Laces for Xero Shoes Barefoot Running Sandals

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United States United States


The shoes are amazing! I ordered a pair of the extra shoe laces and when they arrived I wasn't quite sure how they were going to work. I reviewed your website for the lace issues I'm experiencing regarding their length and raw open ends as well as how do I use them? I couldn't find anything. Why so long? Mary D.


Xero Shoes

Hello Mary, Thank you for your review! The laces we sell on our website are actually for our DIY kits, not shoes. While we do not manufacture the shoes laces for our shoes, feel free to let us know your order number/style you are looking for and we would be happy to check if there is any spare laces. Let us know if you have any questions.

United States United States

Not for shoes

Title of item should be more descriptive. With extra laces one would think they are for shoes. Unfortunately I did not find out until I received them and they did not fit. They should be titled DIY laces.


Xero Shoes

Hi Joe, Thank you for your review as I'm so sorry for the confusion! This is not the experience we want you to have. It looks like you purchased the DIY kit laces which aren't used for our regular styles. I'm so sorry this has inconvenienced you! It looks like we sent you an email regarding a full refund on August 30th, so please feel free to review that and you can reply as well to speak with our Customer Service team. We have issued your full refund, so you should receive an emailed receipt shortly. I hope this helps, and please know if you have any questions or concerns you can send an email to support@xeroshoes.com. Have a great day and take care, The Xero Shoes Reviews Team

Haley M.


Just want I needed, I love to have extra laces for when my others run out (took about 2 years last time) or when I'm feeling like changing colors.

Samantha K.

Great laces!

These laces work great! I love that they essentially lay flat against my foot instead of being round, and are very easy to melt on the ends and work with. Also, thank goodness for the bobby pin that comes with them - it's so helpful for getting the lace through the shoe holes. Note - I use the ultra-minimalist tying style and have fairly small feet (women's size 7), so one pair of laces creates 3 pairs of shoes. That's pretty nifty. Sidenote: your Google+ login below has a "redirect_uri_mismatch" error. Thought you'd want to know 🙂



I replaced the laces on my Amuri Ventures with some line I had laying around. It was a bit stiff and dug into my skin. For a few bucks I ordered these factory laces with the reflective traces. I LOVE THEM! Super soft and much nicer feel. Plus the tracing adds a bit of pizzaz to an understated look while catching the headlights of cars on my evening jaunts around the neighborhood. I wear them every day, virtually all day. Fantastic product -- worth every penny.


No blisters

I usually can't wear sandals for several days in a row because they'll give me blisters and in any other pair of shoes I have to wear socks. But I've been wearing Xeros basically all day every day ever since I had them! The laces don't rubb against the skin; they are really smoth and yet very durable and not stretchy. I tied mine using two colours, one to make loops through the holes and one to go through them. You can also braid two colours together!

William C.

Soft and durable'

Unlike leather and other lace material, once laced they do not stretch or shrink. This means that once you get that right feel, they remain that way for a long time without requiring adjustment. If properly done, the knot underneath the sole will last at least a month or so of walking, or running before having to be redone.



I was pretty rough with my xero shoes, lots of downhill running and unfortunate slogging through mud when my laces broke. The nice thing is a new set of xero laces are cheap, ship quickly, and last longer than a lot of laces you might buy at a shoe store. I ordered about 5 pair just so I'd have extras on hand. The way I lace my xeros, I can actually use one lace for both sandals so I effectively double the number of laces I have. When you look at the price of the DIY xero shoe and replacement laces, it's extremely cost effective and was a great starter for a new minimalist runner who didn't want to spend a lot of money.


These laces really last!

I am usually very rough on shoes, so I was surprised at how well these laces lasted. They hold their color and are super comfortable too.